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IMTMA Finishing School creates Industry ready workforce

Bangalore, 26th Aug 2013

IMTMA has initiated many technical training programmes for industry professionals from the past many years. The association organizes many short term training programmes and Seminars to support the metal working industry. IMTMA conducts at least 150 short term programmes in a year under the two wings named Productivity Institute and Design Institute.

Indian Machine Tools Manufacturers Association (IMTMA) recently concluded the 12th Batch of its popular training programme ‘Finishing School’ on 26th Aug 2013. Each participant underwent a meticulous training schedule of one month on the Computer numerical control (CNC) machines.

Through the Finishing School programme, the participants acquire knowledge and strengths in the field of Engineering Drawing, Measuring Practices, process Planning, CAD/CAM Programming, PC based CNC simulation, Hands on practice in CNC turning and machining centers, quality control etc.

The purpose of conducting such programmes by IMTMA has been to make the participants industry ready in the manufacturing field. The ‘IMTMA Finishing School’ participants consists of professionals working as Application engineers, Design engineers, Process Plan engineers, Production engineers etc in the manufacturing Industry.

Realizing the need to enhance the skill sets of fresh engineers in mechanical engineering, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association is offering a finishing school programme, in production engineering which is conducted on bi - monthly basis.

This course focuses on all practical aspects of modern machining – from reading an engineering drawing through measurements, CNC programming & operation, process planning, selection of cutting tools & tool materials, optimizing machining parameters, limits, fits & tolerances and GD & T. In addition to the technical inputs, emphasis would be given to develop soft skills as necessary for manufacturing industries. In order to equip the students with practical inputs, hands-on training in production CNC machinery, CAD/CAM systems and other accessories are made a part of the curriculum. Industry visits will be organized to get a feel of an actual production environment. More information on the IMTMA Finishing School Programme can be obtained from the IMTMA website www.imtma.in.

12th batch of IMTMA Finishing School makes history

IMTMA, Bangalore- 14th Jul 2013

Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association’s (IMTMA) state of the art training facility ‘Technology centre’ successfully completed the 12th batch of its much appreciated ‘Finishing School’ programme with a total participation of 21 candidates. The batch made history as 18 of the participants were young bloods just out of engineering colleges. This was the first time that fresh engineers formed a larger part of the passing out batch. Attending students got to rub shoulders with professionals already employed in the industry and learn facets of production engineering by working on Computer numerical control (CNC) machines.

Event Report

Speaking of the programme some of the students quoted, “It added to our practical experience”. Some of them also quoted, It is a very well structured programme. Theory is well complimented with hands-on experience in CNC/CMM, thanks to IMTMA.

The Finishing School training includes ‘Review of Machining Operations, Engineering Drawing & Metrology; Programming & Operation of CNC turning centre; Programming & operation of CNC machining centre and Soft skills development’. The course culminates in final project work and assessment. Successful candidates are certified by IMTMA.

As a part of the Finishing school curriculum, industry visits are arranged in order to expose the participants to real time machine shop environment. The 12th batch of Finishing School visited 1) BFW to understand the working of manufacturing components and assembly of different types of CNC machining Centers. 2) Ace Designers to understand manufacturing components and assembly of different types of CNC Turning Centers.

Finishing School is a training initiative of IMTMA where in students from various engineering colleges and fresh recruits from manufacturing industries undergo hands-on training on latest CNC machines, CNC programming, PLC etc required for manufacturing on CNC technology. ‘IMTMA Technology Centre’ hosts ‘Finishing School Programme’ on bi-monthly basis in its state of the art facility at BIEC, Bangalore. Industry experienced faculty and regular industry visits are the highlights of this much in demand industry endorsed curriculum making the candidates industry ready.

Reducing Cycle Time and Machining Cost on CNC Machining Centres

Workshop on

Reducing Cycle Time and Machining Cost on CNC Machining Centres
 6 - 7 August 2013, Pune

Reduction in cycle time and machining cost plays an important role in enhancing productivity especially in large volume production. In the highly competitive market scenario, customers determine the price of a product and entrepreneurs need to continuously fine tune the costs to realize profits. Machine utilization has a major impact in reducing the manufacturing cost of components. Most CNC machines are underutilized with only 20% time effectively spent in cutting & the rest in non-value adding operations. Although the material cost cannot be reduced, the cycle time and machining cost can be reduced drastically.

Event Report   Event Report

Reducing cycle time requires eliminating or reducing non-value-added activity. Cycle times are often impacted due to operator errors, cutting parameters, improper work holding, loading and unloading, improper usage of tools / measuring devices and other components needed during the production run.

Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing a two day programme on “Reducing Cycle Time and Machining Cost on CNC Machining Centres” on 6 - 7 August 2013 at Pune. 10 delegates representing 5 companies participated in the workshop which was conducted by a team of industry experts Mr. Kashinath MP

This programme is targeted towards Managers, Engineers, Supervisors and other personnel involved in the functions of Production, Process Planning, Engineering & Manufacturing from Machine Tool, Automobile & Auto Ancillaries, Tool Rooms, Aerospace, Defence and Railway establishments, General Engineering, etc.

PLC Technology in Industrial Automation

Seminar on

PLC Technology in Industrial Automation
 19 August 2013, New Delhi

Programmable Logic controller (PLC) is a Electronic device used for automating electromechanical processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines. PLC is called 'The Work Horse' and represents a key driver in automation, production & process planning in the manufacturing industry.

Today PLC has become a very widely used and accepted tool in Industrial Automation in various kinds of Machines, Processes, Shop floor Practices, Utilities etc. To get the best results out of this technology, in the areas of Automation, Productivity Improvement, On Line Inspection, Easy Batch Changeovers, Centralized Control, Automatic MIS Generation, Energy Saving etc, the Power of this technology needs to be more clearly understood by key level decision makers from various functions like Design / Production / QC / Process Planning / Maint etc.

Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing one day Seminar on PLC Technology in Industrial Automation on 19- August - 2013 at Gurgaon.
Total No.Of Participants : 10
Total No. Of Companies : 5

Spindle Maintenance for Metal Cutting & Industrial Machinery

Training Programme on

Spindle Maintenance for Metal Cutting & Industrial Machinery
 20 - 21 August2013, Pune

Spindles are usually designed with the highest precision bearings that are available, and the usual cause of failures in 90% of the causes is minute particles that work their way past the seals and into the balls and races of the bearings. So, cleanliness and other factors of frequent maintenance can really extend the spindle life significantly. It hence becomes vital for the maintenance engineer to follow certain measures, so as to increase the life of a spindle.

Keeping this in view, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing a two day Training Programme on Spindle Maintenance for Metal Cutting & Industrial Machinery on 20 - 21 August 2013 at Pune.

Event Report    Event Report

The training programme dealt with various aspects such as bearing types and their applications in metal working and industrial machinery, bearing lubrication systems, spindle failure and reconditioning, tools, tackles and assembly technique, testing of assembled spindle units, bearing failure, bearing nomenclature and equivalent selection, spindle bearing preloading and preventive maintenance of spindles.

This training programme will be conducted by Industry experts from Ultra Precision Spindles Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. S K Gupta, Former Asst. General Manager, Machine Design & Business Development, Tata Motors Machine tools division, Pune. Mr. Gupta is an industry expert with over 37 years of rich experience in Design & Development of General purpose & Special purpose Machine tools. The seminar will be highly interactive where participants can solicit feedback on specific technical issues from the expert faculty the seminar was highly interactive where 17 delegates from 11 companies solicited feedback on specific technical issues.