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Training Program on Machine Design Basics ? For BFW

A one-week training program on Machine Design Basics was conducted for BFW from July 16-21, 2018 in Bengaluru. The program focused on design fundamentals, which are most important for any design engineers working in any Industrial sector.

The program included Solidworks parts and assembly 3D & 2D drawings, Drawing standard, 3D modeling & 2D drawing practice, Limits, Fits, Tolerances and Machine Kinematics, Geometrical Dimensioning and Tolerances, Strength of materials, Electrical and Electronics for Mechanical engineers, Solidworks Simulation and Analysis.

A total of 15 candidates nominated from BFW, Bengaluru.

Training Program on Machine Design Basics

The training program on 'Machine Design Basics' was held in Bengaluru from June 11-15, 2018.

It was an interactive training session and covered the entire 360° view on machine design aspects.

On the first two days the training program included Drafting standard, Manufacturing drawings and Strength of materials, Introduction to Antifriction bearings & selection. Kinematics of machine. Design of shafts, belt driven, key design, seals, Circlip and Fasteners.

 The final three days of the program concentrated on Design of machine elements shafts, belt driven, key design, Springs, seals, Circlip and Fasteners, Limits, Fits, Tolerance and Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerances, Engineering materials and Heat treatments.

The program was concluded on 15th June 2018 with live interaction from all the candidates.


A total of 6 candidates were nominated across various industries from Apzem India Engineering, Gabriel India Limited, Madox Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Trishul Machine tools Pvt. Ltd. and Yuken India ltd.

Training on Design of Fixture Specialization

A training program on  Design of Fixture   Specialization  was held from June 18-23 in Bengaluru.

The first and second day's program was conducted Mr. SK Gupta, an industry design expert, with basics of fixture design, design considerations for fixture design, necessity of fixture, types of fixture, design calculations for cutting forces, clamping forces and diamond pin etc.

Mr. Deepak Ravilla, Manager, Fixture division, Kennametal, trained the candidates on third and fourth day and carried out a complete process of fixture design from concept to finish design. Pre-design activities like design input, conceptualization, process planning, accuracy consideration, cycle time estimation, POKAYOKE, 3D modeling of parts and assembly, also delegates were trained on SOLIDWORKS part modelling and assembly modelling so that they can work on real time fixture design exercise. It was a highly interactive and hands on training session which covered complete fixture design aspects.

On the fifth and sixth day Mr. Avinash Khare, Head of Pune IMTMA Tech center, gave in an Intro and conceptualization to BIW, Assembly, Welding and Inspection fixtures along with case studies. And industry visit to Widma for a practical exposure on machining fixtures, Overall program went with industrious.

A total of 13 candidates were nominated from Central Manufacturing Technology Institute, CNC India Tools And Services Private Limited, India Nippon Electricals Limited, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Sansera Engineering Private Limited and Tata Steel.

Training on Machine Tool Design - MECHANICAL

The 16th training program on Machine Tool Design  Mechanical was held at the Design Institute, BIEC, Bengaluru from April 2  May 26, 2018. As many as 24 budding engineers were trained during the two-month period.

They were trained intensively on designing of a turning center, which was taken up as a project on duration of 48 days. They were strongly support and skilled by the support of more than 25 Industrial experts, expertise in their respective prospects. 

Industry visit to Ace Designers, BFW and HMT, which were a part of the training, was a value addition.  With the candidates being fresh graduates, many were inducted into companies like ACE Designers, DiFacto, Mechelonics Welders, Strategi Automation, Sansera, HYT, Setco and many more. 

The Best Performer Award to encourage the delegates to come up with new design concept was also give away and the award is sponsored by Design Institute Faculty Mr. P Subramanya.


Training Program on Design of Gear Box Industrial Machinery

The training program on ?Design of Gera Box   Industrial Machinery  was held in Bengaluru from May 28  June 2, 2018.

This course included an introduction to elements of Gear box and more focused towards Industrial applications. Introduction to types of gears, gear profiles, gear calculations, gear standards being a part of the curriculum. Introduction to design input for gearbox design, conceptualization gear layout, sizing of gears and shafts, calculations on gears, bearing selection, seals, keys and standard parts used in gear box. Part modelling, assembly modelling and detailed drawing using popular design CAD tools was carried out as a project. DFM and DFMA was the key points addressed in the training.

A total of 6 candidates were nominated from. Allegion India Pvt. Ltd. Cast Craft Pvt. Ltd. Prudent Technology, Turbotech Precision  Engg. Pvt. Ltd and others.


Overall training tenure was very effective in imparting gearbox design knowledge - Mr. Adithya Shetty,
Training was good, effective & useful. Time was a bit less I feel - Mr.Srikanth Prakash Vallepore